Our Focus

PSION focuses on B2B deeptech venture investing.

Our investments bridge the gap between today and the future of mobility, with interconnected digital infrastructures both here on earth, and in space.

We pinpoint how mobility technology will develop, finding those elusive investment opportunities in the process. We bring clarity with a diligent approach to the direction of emerging frontier technologies: the building blocks of our future.

We exist to make the right investment choices today, for tomorrow.

A core focus of Psion’s investment strategy relates to the future transportation of people and goods within city environments.  We think of this as three dimensional’ or 3D Urban Mobility.

3D Urban Mobility involves the combination of technologies associated with Electrification, Connectivity & Internet of Things (IoT), vehicular Autonomy and Smart Mobility in order to facilitate an interrelated network of surface, subterranean and air-based transport that is largely autonomous. This not only solves current city dweller frustrations such as congestion, parking and travel time, but on a macro level also helps to arrest our headlong rush towards environmental disaster, ensuring that future generations inherit a world that has not just safer streets, but also cleaner air, clearer water and greener land. 

New urban areas are already having 3D Urban Mobility baked into their design, whilst a sea-change in public sentiment and government policy, driven by heightened environmental awareness, will lead to existing cities seeking to retrofit the technologies.

We are living through a decade which has some of the fastest, deepest and most consequential technological disruption in history, last seen on this scale over 120 years ago.

The next era of mobility will be characterised by a series of transformations: an increase in device and vehicle connectivity, leading to a transition from manual operation towards autonomous control; an increase in the purchase of individual trips rather than vehicles, leading to less ownership and more sharing; a move from combustion towards electrification, most notably in urban areas. These changes will rapidly lead to the fundamental transformation of urban mobility infrastructures.

Psion focuses on the emerging digital infrastructure that will be built out over the next several years and will form the building blocks for this new mobility future.

Connectivity & IoT

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  • Connectivity platforms (on earth and in space)
  • V2X platforms (Vehicle-to-everything communication)
  • Infotainment/ In-Vehicle Services
  • Human- Machine Interface (HMI) and voice recognition
  • Predictive Maintenance & Analytics (Smart Vehicle health monitoring)

Smart Mobility

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  • Air safety platforms
  • Telematics, driver/cabin monitoring & intelligent traffic management
  • Command & Control centre
  • Multimodal management
  • Open data exchange platforms
  • Blockchain
  • E-Hailing, MaaS, FMaaS, Data Services
  • Payment
  • Public Transport Integration
  • Logistics
  • Experience
  • Smart Health on the move


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  • Cybersecurity
  • Sensors & local Data Processing solutions
  • Navigation Platforms
  • Data platforms / processing & Data storage platforms
  • Autonomous Vehicle (AV) software and mapping (ground & air)


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  • Energy as a Service (EaaS)
  • On Vehicles:
    -Battery management systems
    -Vehicle management systems
  • Electric Vehicle infrastructure:
    -Charge Point (CP) Management
    -Fuel payment - advanced scalable digital payment methods
  • CP data services

Connectivity & IoT

Until relatively recently, most household and commercial items were standalone, meaning that manufacturers had no way to monitor & upgrade performance once in situ. However, advances in connectivity, edge computing, cybersecurity and the size of sensors have meant that even mundane items can now be securely connected to the internet with faster response times, opening up new opportunities for users and manufacturers. From smart watches to smart mirrors, smart home products and smart vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT) devices create & share data which supports analysis and allows more informed and timely inter-dependent decision-making. 

This can increase efficiency, enable networked learning and cut down on waste, allowing commercial enterprise, governments and public authorities to rethink the way that they produce goods & deliver services. 

Connectivity & IoT are critical to 3D urban mobility, providing a means to control, monitor and coordinate an effective and efficient flow of people & goods around the city. 

Psion is seeing profound innovation in edge computing, a radical reduction in costs for space travel and major steps in sophisticated semiconductor sensors, leading to the proliferation of IoT business models. The digital businesses seizing on these rich new data streams are poised to create substantial value within a trillion dollar mobility sector.

Connectivity & IOT.
Infographic of surface layer for city infrastructure.

Smart Mobility

Commerce requires efficient transportation for people to get to work and for goods to be moved around on schedule. But cities around the world are currently suffering from human-error road accidents, congestion and environmental effects. Beyond their direct negative effects on commerce, these have secondary impacts on unrelated sectors. For example, healthcare costs are increased due to the need for roadside medical emergency services, delays in response times and ill-health due to poor air quality and commuter stress. 

Smart mobility is critical to 3D urban mobility as it provides real-time data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence which in turn creates a free-flowing transportation ecosystem, helping to reduce primary and secondary impacts that affect millions of people and cost taxpayers billions of dollars annually around the world. 

Of the more than $115 billion of investment that went into mobility startups between 2010 to 2018, 94% originated from outside the automotive industry. 

The automotive product is changing, with electronics and software growing in prominence and value. New mobility concepts such as electric aircraft capable of Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL https://transportup.com/ ) and Hyperloops are gaining extensive investment from commercially focused investors and public markets, whilst Micromobility is also becoming popular. Psion is also seeing business model innovation, where technologies are bundled to transition from an ownership model toward Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).


Vehicles such as cars, buses, and lorries are currently necessary for the transportation of people and goods. However, at one extreme most cars are under-utilised, being used only 4% of the time on average, whilst at the other extreme the drivers of lorries need to take enforced breaks, thereby reducing otherwise high levels of utilisation. 

Autonomous driving offers a number of benefits, from positive economic impact, as a result of time savings, productivity gains, reduced transportation costs and mobility for non-drivers, to increased safety and decreased environmental harm. 

Autonomous driving, coupled with Mobility as a Service (MaaS), is predicted to reduce the number of passenger vehicles on roads by 80%, reducing the number of parked cars in the built environment. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are already helping to reduce road accidents and congestion, and emerging tech in this area is increasing levels of autonomy guided by connected systems. 

Advancements in terrestrial & space-based broadband, 5G and Edge technology have reduced latency on data delivery which, combined with improved sensors, in-vehicle technologies, lasers and radar, all contribute towards safer and more efficient autonomous transportation. 

These technologies are critical to 3D urban mobility as transportation expands to include drones and air-taxis. 

Enhancements in software are enabling the analysis of  impressive amounts of sensor data necessary to navigate dynamic physical environments in real time. Psion is seeing development across the autonomy stack in terms of perception, prediction, planning and simulation.

Infographic of an autonomous transport layer.
Infographic of electric service layer.


Improvements in the power to weight ratio and efficacy of electric motors, as well as in redundant energy capture systems and battery range, all enhance environmental-friendliness and already make for a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine in a range of ground and air-based vehicular use cases. 

With policy-makers increasingly focused on decarbonisation at a central grid level, even those electrified vehicles already in use will slowly become more environmentally friendly over their lifespan. 

Electric vehicles can also become part of a valuable decentralised battery network, a key component of Virtual Power Plants (VPP), which is useful for storing electricity generated by renewable energy sources at times of low demand and releasing it back to the network when demand is high. Electrification is critical to 3D urban mobility, enabling cities to rapidly improve air quality and to capitalise on future grid-level efficiency gains. 

The backdrop for electric vehicles is favourable, as governments across the globe prioritise electric vehicle adoption and technological advancements drive improvements in vehicle capabilities.

Psion is seeing developments across the digital infrastructure, including within on-vehicle software solutions that optimise energy delivery to the growing fleets of electric vehicles, eVTOLs (Electric Vertical Take-Off Landing) and drones.

What People Say About PSION

Alain went beyond imaginable limits with his ability and professional VC expertise to coordinate our fundraising activities at CyStellar. His capability to deeply understand our company’s vision and match it with the right investors was crucial in shortening the time to closing the investment.

Alain helped us with the investment strategy, corporate restructuring, pitch deck, building an investor funnel and following up with investors, supporting the due diligence process, term sheet negotiations and provide recommendation for legal, financial, and tax advisors.

He’s really made a difference in our start-up success to raise its first seed round!

I chose him to join our Board as independent Non-Executive Director where he continues to add value to the strategic direction of the company.

Peter Bunus

CEO and Co-Founder - CyStellar

It has been exceptional working with Alain over the past few months to develop Skyrora’s financial model and business plan. Alain quickly understood the key drivers of the business, and he was able to combine them with his deep knowledge of the investment industry to ensure our model is well received by investors. He paid detailed attention to intricacies, such as revenue recognition and worked hand-in-hand with us to resolve all difficulties. 

Alain went far beyond what was expected and put us on track to successfully close our funding round. I highly recommend him.

Victor Ivanenko

CFO – SKYRORA (Rocket company)

Alain carried out due diligence on a complex, fast moving business. He worked very long hours and his efforts exceeded the amount of time that was expected. 

He did a deeply researched analysis of the business involved and the sector that it was trading in, as a result of which we made an investment in the target company. In addition, he carried out due diligence on two other companies, a high technology business with several valuable patents based on the West Coast of the USA, and a company supplying communications solutions to the global railways sector. 

Alain and I are discussing several further opportunities of working together.

Simon Hunt

Fund manager

Alain possesses superior organisational, planning and interpersonal skills. As CEO of the business we began together, and as the primary partner in the enterprise, he demonstrated his ability to build and motivate a team, and guided the group towards creative goals and solutions. 

Alain involves others, encourages their strategies for finding solutions and secures maximum commitment from each team member. He also achieved good results when negotiating.

Personally, I find Alain to be a bright and engaging individual. He has a breath of international experience which I find particularly interesting and has a collegial manner which enables him to work effectively with others.

Michael Buxton

Co-investor & entrepreneur

Alain produced an Information Memorandum for Microbus for new investors, he was extremely diligent and picked up the complexity of what is a highly technical niche market very quickly. Market detail across Europe in the public safety market is limited but Alain managed to access detail that had previously been unattainable. 

He was also very knowledgeable in how to value this type of opportunity and tested these valuations from several directions. He was easy to work with but persistent in ensuring he produced the best possible results. I would recommend Alain to anyone requiring an in depth study of their business.

Reg Marsh

MD and COO in Growth & Turnaround businesses

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Gavin and observing his highly professional attitude and his remarkable energy and perseverance in the work he accomplished. He took initiative even on difficult issues to achieve needed results. His unique motivational drive and energy and collegial manner made him well accepted among those he worked with closely.

Dr. Roland Voigt


Alain is a wonderful person to work with. His support in Skyrora’s outreach to secure funding was invaluable. In countless calls, we worked out strategies together on how to approach investors. 

Alain always inspired me with his ideas and relentless energy to reach out to the right investors. He helped us to do a ground-up analysis of the competitive and market landscape and convince investors of the immense opportunity in the Space launch industry. 

I would warmly recommend him and am thrilled to have him on board and hope to work with him again to secure our next investment round.

Anfisa Anikushina

M&A, SpaceTech

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